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What's the story behind the new website address?

I've decided to narrow my focus to what I'm most passionate about—designing pre-made book covers!

What services do you offer? 

I offer pre-made eBook cover designs and paperback spread upgrades for books distributed through Amazon KDP (formerly Createspace), IngramSpark, and Lulu. All additional services currently available can be found here

My book is part of a series. If I purchase a pre-made design from you, can you design additional covers to match it? 

Almost always!

My book hasn't been written yet, isn't finished, and/or doesn't have a title. Can I still purchase a pre-made design?

Yes! You can purchase it at any time and the design will be kept safe—just make a note of this at checkout and contact me when you're ready to use it.

I want you to change an aspect of a pre-made design to have it better suit my novel. Is this possible?

Almost always! Please let me know what changes you have in mind and I'll examine the source file to verify.

I need to send you a file. Where can I send it?

Please send any cover-related attachments to

How long will it take to get my cover?

It usually takes me less than a day to prepare a pre-made cover with your title and name; for any substantial adjustments to the design, please allow for an additional 1-3 days (and another 1-2 days from your email response for any revisions on top of that).

Do you design custom covers?

I am only designing custom covers under two circumstances:

Do you still offer text-only services for cover art created by another designer/artist?

Only for established clients at this time, although I would like to completely phase this service out eventually. 

Do you still design promotional materials?

I'm no longer offering this service—my apologies!

Can you design a paperback spread using an eBook cover I purchased from a different designer/artist?

I consider these on a case-by-case basis, so please contact me before submitting an order.

How soon can I expect a response to my inquiry? It can take me 1-3 days to respond to an initial inquiry and 1-2 days for subsequent responses. 

Do I need to credit you as my designer?

While credit is always appreciated, it's not required! My business URL is now ( redirects to this address and is still an option as well), and I use "Kat Mellon Writing & Design" and "KM Writing & Design" interchangeably; either is fine!

Can I have the PSD (source) file for my cover?

If the licensing restrictions of the images used allow it, a streamlined/user-friendly version of the PSD file can be purchased for an additional fee—please contact me for more information. 

Can I use my cover on items to resell or give away (t-shirts, mugs, etc)?

In addition to its intended use as your book's cover, you can use the cover exactly as it was designed on promotional materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc), but you might not be able to sell standalone reproductions of the cover or products bearing just the artwork/book cover by itself (i.e. the book cover cannot constitute the main value of the item itself; printed as-is on t-shirts, mugs, and the like for example) depending on the licensing restrictions of images used in your design. You can purchase Extended Licenses from the image's original stock site for an additional fee to allow for such usage. Please contact me if this is of interest to you and I will double-check the licensing restrictions of all images used in your design.

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